Office relocation

If you are looking for the perfect office removalists, Melkuin Movers have both the equipment and trained personnel to move your business. It doesn’t matter if you have a one person office or a large corporate office block, moving across Brisbane, Queensland or Northern NSW is no problem at all.

Office relocation can be much more difficult than moving house, as there are so many personal items and equipment for each staff member.  Getting all this mixed up during a move would be disastrous. Using a professional team of removalists can make the hard work easier, and reduce the time you have to take in preparation  for moving day, making the entire move as smooth as possible.

Office furniture
Office documents
Office printer
Office computer

Checklist for your office relocation

  • Give your building manager plenty of notice about your intentions to move. Schedule a meeting to discuss dates and access on the day of your move.
  • If you own your current premises, contact your real estate broker if you are planning on selling or if you wish to rent the old space.
  • Get the building permits you need if you’re planning on doing renovations to the new space.
  • Contact your internet and phone providers about bringing your existing connections to your new office.
  • Contact your electricity, gas and water supplier to ensure these are available by the time you move.
  • Start planning to update your business collateral including your website and other material with your new address.
  • Map out where your office furniture will go to ensure it will fit in the new property.
  • Plan your security and order new staff access cards.
  • Advise clients of your scheduled downtime when you are moving.
  • Update online business listings.
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