Terms and conditions

No Damage Guarantee

Rest assure our removal team take the utmost care with your possessions, unfortunately though accidents do happen. This is why MelkuinMovers offers all our customers peace of mind with a NO DAMAGE GUARANTEE. Whereby if your furniture is damaged during your move by one of our MelkuinMovers staff members, it will be repaired or compensated to market value. Action on this will be agreed to by both parties at the time of the move and no later in accordance to the following terms and conditions. All non furniture items are not covered by the guarantee.

Repaired Items: All repaired items will be done by an appropriately qualified service chosen by Melkuin Movers. Repaired items will be close to the condition of the item prior to damage. No further compensation is given for the decrease in value to the item after the repair.

Compensation: Monies given to replace the item if it is broken beyond repair. The monies given will match the approximate market dollar value of the item at the time of the breakage for the condition of the item prior to breakage.

To be eligible: To claim our NO DAMAGE GUARANTEE the furniture covered by the guarantee MUST be packed & loaded by a MelkuinMovers employee. All Boxes or pre-packaged items packed &/or loaded by the customer are voided from this guarantee. During your move you MUST be present at the address for the whole duration of the move to be covered by the guarantee. If you must leave and have not appointed a person to be your representative in your absence, the no damage guarantee is voided and billing will charged as declared by our employees on the day. It is always our preference for yourself or a representative of your choice to be present for your move to avoid any billing or insurance discrepancies.

Important Notification: To claim our no Damage Guarantee a MelkuinMovers staff member must be notified of your claim intensions whilst staff are still present at the residence on the date on your move or the guarantee is voided. We are only liable for loss or damages caused by our negligence and with proof. If you choose to participate we do not cover damages caused by you. Claims made may be investigated by Melkuin Movers before compensation is awarded to determine the fault. Once the box on our paperwork stating “I am satisfied and happy with Melkuin Movers service and all of my furniture has been transported safely.” Has been signed by yourself or your chosen representative no further compensation will be awarded for any reason.

Items exempt from this guarantee

In situations where the item cannot be moved without causing damage to the surrounding environment or to the item, the item is voided from the guarantee. Items that are at an unavoidable or unforeseen risk due to the nature of the item are voided. These items will be noted on our paperwork at the time of your move.

Electrical goods: We do not cover these items under the guarantee unless damage has been inflicted to the exterior of the item by us as internal faults cannot be seen or assessed by us prior to moving and the item may already be faulty regardless of handling or working condition prior to being moved.

TV’s: All Televisions must be boxed prior to transportation we do not cover internal damage to televisions. Claims can be made only in circumstances where we have damaged the exterior of the box by mishandling, causing damage to the TV on the inside all claims must be made at the time of the move.

Fragile: Faulty, fragile, weathered or difficult to move items will be assessed and listed prior to being removed which are exempt from the Guarantee.

Antiques: Melkuin Movers does not classify antique furniture to be “normal” house hold furniture. We ask that a separate insurance is taken out by yourself to cover these Items as they are quite often old, fragile and in many cases impossible to replace and or value accurately. We also ask that these items are pointed out upon our arrival to ensure the extra care needed is taken when handling/packing and loading these items.

Large and Difficult items: Any Large or oddly shaped items which has been advised by our staff will not fit into its normal space or fixture without being taken apart or the house being altered i.e: doors and framing removed, will not be covered. If these items are moved under your instruction the item and its surroundings are not covered by our guarantee. Any item removed over a balcony is also not covered as this is not a normal entry or exit point. This is only in situations when we have already advised the item will not fit via the normal entry and exit points of any premises or a built area designed for an item.

Heavy surcharge

Heavy Surcharge items: An additional charge of $150 applies to the following items: Piano’s, pool tables, Fish tanks in excess of 5 foot and any item in excess of 150 kilo’s. Please ensure you have advised our office staff if you have these items prior to your move so they can match the right staff to your move and ensure the item can be moved by us.

Piano removal: Due to the nature of the item it is suggested after removal that all pianos are to be tuned, if this is required it is at no cost to MelkuinMovers. Internal damage to this item is not covered unless external damage has been inflicted by us.

Insurance Information: Insurance is provided to us through High Street underwriting Agency and we will comply with the terms and conditions as set out by them. Public liability limit of indemnity is – $10,000,000. A certificate of currency can be provided at your request.

Your choice to participate

As an effort for our customers to save money, we allow you to participate in the removal process. In the event that you want to participate in your own move, MelkuinMovers holds no responsibility for any harm or damage to you, or your furniture that may result from you directly participating in the removal of your possessions.

Rejected jobs

Hazardous environments: MelkuinMovers will always do their best to cater for your removal needs, unfortunately some circumstances are unacceptable. MelkuinMovers reserves the right to reject any job that is a possible health or hazard risk to its employees. This can be an entire job or restricted to just 1 item.

Hazardous Items: We do not transport full gas bottles or flammable liquids or any item deemed hazardous. Please ensure items such as lawn mowers etc containing fuel or liquid are empty for transportation.

Biohazards: Melkuin movers does not move any items that could potentially be a biohazard risk this includes firewood or other organic matter, hazardous or flammable chemicals, animals, insects or other living organisms. We no longer take pot plants or outdoor items containing soil/water or other liquids as these also may contain insects and are not apart of house hold furniture. We can transport empty pot but these are not covered under insurance.

Abusive Behavior: Any physical or verbal abuse or intimidation will not be tolerated and will result in your move being rejected at full cost to the customer with further full police reporting if required.

False information provided: In the event your move has been grossly misrepresented in size, difficulty or location. We reserve the right to reject your job or may work according to the original outlines of the information given. This is only in extreme cases of misrepresentation Eg: advising you have a 1 bedroom apartment and we arrive to a 5 bedroom home. This is to provide courtesy to our other customers who may have booked after your move and our staff. Any work carried out will still be at a cost to you and the 2 hour minimum charge + any call out fee is still applied.

Arrival time’s and breaks

Arrival times: Whilst we do our best to be on time it is the nature of our work that we sometimes have unforeseen delays, such as traffic, delayed settlement times from previous moves or unforeseen access difficulties. We will do our best to keep you informed if there are any delays and we only ask for your understanding and patience. Please give a 2 hour window either side for your booking time to ensure your move goes well as we may bring your move forward or be held back by delays.

Staff breaks: We are required by law to give our employees breaks. A 30 minutes break is permitted at no cost to you and at the digression of our employee per shift, please be understanding of this. Toilet/ drink breaks longer that 5 minutes will be at no cost to you. Our staff are aware that time is money and will try to keep this to a minimum but it is imperative that they stay well hydrated in their line of work.

Pre-quoted removals

All quotes given are based on the information you provide. MelkuinMovers takes no responsibility for misleading or false information provided. A 2 hour minimum + any call out fee’s is applied to all jobs.

Hourly rate quotes are a guestimate and may not take into account outside factors that may delay your move and increase the cost i.e.: Traffic, settlement times and accessibility to the property which will be charged at a cost to you the customer. We do our best to provide our customers with a reasonably accurate quotes but there are some circumstances that are out of our control.

Interstate moves or moves that have settlement times We advise you to provide an itinerary list with your original enquiry as well as send through photos to avoid any discrepancies on the day. Our large truck sizes are 55 cubic meters and we do not claim responsibility for items that may not fit that have not been included on your itinerary/photos. Settlement times must be advised upon your booking.

Fixed price removals prices (longer than 4 hours away) are given on the basis of 1 truck load or 1 round trip to your destination, there are additional costs if the load does not fit and a second trip or truck is required. Fixed pricing may be subject to change only in circumstances where we are delayed due to the customer’s circumstances only :ie settlement delays of more than 1 hour or a fall through of settlement or waiting for long periods of time to be given access to a property to carry out our work. However normal traffic delays and minor waiting periods are accounted for.

Customer responsibilities

Loose items: if you have not engaged in our pre- packing service. All small loose items need to be prepacked into appropriately sized removal tea chest boxes in order to be transported. Boxes need to be labelled if fragile or accordingly to content or room. Any small loose item not boxed will not be transported by Melkuin Movers as they cannot be secured properly in the truck. All boxes must be taped closed securely on the top and bottom. If you use plastic tubs bare in mind that they will not hold a lot of weight, cannot be stacked on by other heavier items and crack and move easily this takes up valuable stacking space,

Furniture dismantling and reassembling: We encourage our customer to dismantle what they can prior to us arriving on their removal date, however we are happy and equipped to do this in our services please just advise us if you require this upon your booking so we can allow for extra time to do this on your move.

Cancellation of our services by yourself or us

By you: Cancellation of our services needs to be done via direct contact by phone to one of our employees. Cancellation is to be made 24/hrs in advance please keep in mind we are closed on weekend’s if your move is on a Monday you will need to cancel by 5pm Friday. Under special emergency circumstances cancellation can be made on the day provided our employees have not left the depot to provide our services to you and with management approval. If these conditions are not met you will be charged 2 hours labor and call out expenses to cover the costs of the employees time.

By us: Melkuin Movers reserves will cancel your job in the following situations: an extreme weather event or natural disaster or in any situation or environment deemed unsafe for its workers. Melkuin Movers also reserves the right to cease work after 8pm at night. If your move must be completed and our staff are willing to comply our no damages guarantee is voided (this is to avoid fatigue) this must be approved by management.

Payment of our services

Payment of the amount owing for our local services will take place upon the finalization of our services and paper work, you must be present to make this payment. All local moves are charged in 15 minute increments with a minimum of 2 hours for each job + any call out fee’s associated with your move. Payment for our interstate/ fixed Price services will be done in two transactions, half before the load is due to leave and the remainder upon the finalization of our services. In the event that payment cannot be made Melkuin Movers reserves the right to hold or seize your belongings until this amount can be recovered. All additional expenses and interest acquired in the recovery process are at a cost to you.

Storage moves

Please advise of storage access upon booking and understand that if we are reliant on lifts to access your storage that other storage customers may have access to these lifts at the same time, effecting the length of your move. It is a good idea to book a shed with good ground level access where our trucks can park to avoid long walks and extra time on your move, when possible. You must be present at the storage for the duration of your move and for us to gain access. If you are going into storage you must provide us with moving blankets so your items can be stacked on these can be purchased from most reputable storage facilities. If you are being moved into a storage container that is stationary this is the same as the above storage information. If your storage container is being relocated by another company, we do not cover any of the items in the container after we have left the job site. All blankets wrapping and protective padding must be supplied by you and we will use it to the best of our ability. Please note, the way furniture is prepared and stacked in a container for transportation is different to the way our truck is stacked for transportation, we claim no responsibility of what happens during transportation of your container.

Regular business customers

All Business customer that are invoiced on a regular basis will have 1 month to complete payment of the invoice from the date of the work was carried out. All late payments incur a $20 administration fee unless we are contacted prior for an extension. Invoicing is only an option for businesses that have organized invoice payment on a regular basis prior to being moved.

Parties referred to as “we” or “us” in this document refer to Melkuin Movers.
“You” and “your” refer to the customer receiving the services provided by MelkuinMovers.
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